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A Brief History:

Established in the 1950s in Jackson County, in the heart of Independence, Missouri. Craig Dance Studio was born, and several decades later in 2003 the studio was relocated to Grain Valley, Missouri. Today it still remains in the suburbs of Kansas City building confidence and making memories. Releve’ is home to the competition dance company Encore Dancers, Inc., which was founded in 1987, by former owner Christine Palmer. In 2006, Rachel Drummond Jancek, purchased the studio and renamed it Releve’ Performing Arts. The current owner and director Ashley Collier bought the studio in 2016.


Today, The Releve’ Way:


Who We Are:

The educators of Releve’ Performing Arts are certified to teach through Dance Masters of America, and hold degrees in dance from a University or DMA Teachers Training Programs. Releve’ instructors, each with their own history, strengths, and character draw on decades of training and performance working from the belief that dance training gives not only grace and a strong body, but much more.


What We Do & Why We Do It:

In the young years of a child’s development, this training teaches them the importance of activating the mind and body as one; bringing out the creative possibilities within as well as the ability and appreciation to work artistically with others.  Although we are extremely proud of our award-winning dance company, Encore Dancers, Inc.; a large part of our studio is recreational students. We offer classes ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Students of Releve’ Performing Arts have the option of recreational classes in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop and/or acrobatics, or the more intensive programs of Encore classes such as competition groups, who compete and perform at different venues locally and nationwide. These classes include pointe, modern, and musical theater.  Children can begin training as early as age 2 and progress through high school ages.


Our Commitment:

Here at Releve’ we focus on empowering dancers with skill, technique, and creativity with emphasis in confidence, coordination, musicality, flexibility, rhythm, teamwork and most of all a love for dance.


The Future:

We are so grateful for our dancers, our community and for all of their continued support. We serve students from many local neighborhoods, as well as many families who travel great distances to be a part of the Releve’ dance family. We cannot wait to see what’s in store for Releve’ Performing Arts in the years to come.  We’re excited to continue our legacy as Releve’ continues to grow, and impact lives in Grain Valley and surrounding areas sharing the joys of dance.