The most important element in each class is your child, our student. Individual attention is given to each child as they progress at their own pace. Students are placed in class not only based on age, but also considering their ability and dedication.

Pre-school and beginning level classes are offered as combination classes, exposing the student to different dance disciplines. Combination classes generally include pre-ballet, beginning ballet, tap, and acrobatics. Other combinations for older students may include jazz and hip-hop.

As the students progress their class options vary. The competition dancer in our intensive program takes unlimited classes per week. We offer private lessons, and semi-private (duet/trio) classes, to prepare competition and/or recital pieces. These classes are scheduled with the individual instructor.

When choosing a class it may be a bit bewildering as to which type is best for you or your child. You can review the different dance styles below.


Releve’ Performing Arts also offers a summer program of classes which include:

Ballet Intensive A one week program for the serious intermediate or advanced student featuring guest teachers and an all day curriculum.

Summer Camps A one week program with age appropriate syllabus evening classes – program varies year to year.


Dance Styles

BALLET:This is the basic foundation to all other forms of dance. It’s a technically structured class taught through barre work, across the floor, and center combinations. Ballet training is very important to every dancer’s development.

POINTE: (Previous three year ballet experience required) 
Class for the serious minded ballet student who wants to take ballet class to the next level. Pointe is described as a ballet position, in which the body is balanced on the extreme tip of the toe.

JAZZ:Jazz dance concentrates on style, technique, formations, and the use of props combined with the characteristic movements of whatever new style of music is in. Jazz dance training helps to develop or improve timing, speed, strength, agility, and coordination.

 Tap is rhythmical sounds made by the feet, separate and clear, exact and timed on top of the beat.

 Arco-Classes teach strength, flexibility, and control with the artistic use of movements and tricks. An acrobat needs more strength in the lower back using control to power the tricks, whereas a gymnast generally has a spring floor, using more force to accomplish tricks.

Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet and jazz technique, using expression from the inner emotion. Lyrical dance interprets music, or words, showing the audience the emotion of the particular piece. The lines are traditional in nature, with a technique base that determines the correct placement of the body angles.

MODERN / HIP HOP: Class revolves around hip-hop dynamics, yet concentrated on today’s video/pop style. The focus of this class comes from the combination of power, energy, style, face, and technique.

A course that provides an introduction to dance for 2.5 – 3 year olds and much more. It is designed to help build self-esteem, develop motor skills, body awareness, and provide group involvement. The program encompasses rhythm, song and dance, hopping, skipping, jumping, right and left training, imagination and more. Creative movement provides a safe learning environment where it’s impossible to fail, providing constant positive reinforcement.
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