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Handbook 2015-2016 Information & Guidelines

Your child has been selected to be a part of an elite group of dancers to represent our dance studio! Your child will greatly improve his/her’s technique, become part of a group/family, and enrich their love for dance.

This will describe our competition team at best. Please keep in mind that there will be small changes from year to year, but the basic information and requirements are outlined. We offer many levels of competition. Requirements for each level differ.

Each level has an Encore name as:
Encore 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
Please feel free to ask questions at any time. We are here to assist you in any way!
Thank You,
Mrs. Ashley, Mrs. Rachel, Mrs. Shandi and Ms. Trisa
1446 SW Eagles Parkway

Grain Valley, MO 64029



Audition Preparation Classes
Releve’ hosts an intensive program at the studio from 9:00am-5:00pm. This is an intensive week, and the dancers benefit greatly from this experience. We also bring in guest teachers so our dancers can learn new styles of teaching/technique. We encourage/require dancers to attend to prepare for auditions. This will be a required attendance for all Encore 3-6 dancers to begin the new season in August, usually held mid July. Encore 1&2 students will attend the evening intensive/camp.

Placement auditions will be held during Intensive week. Dancers will audition in Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, etc. Roughly ages: 8-18; Students will be placed by their instructors.

Groups & Productions (also called lines)
Groups & Productions are usually all Encore dancers performing routines at a competition. Some rehearsals will take place on Friday and Saturday, and scheduled choreography blocks in the weekly schedule (only on weeks of competition/parades etc.). After the audition process we do have students that are still working towards technical aspects of class and group placement. These dancers will be placed accordingly into competitive routines and will also take the leveled Encore technique classes. Dancers must meet teacher criteria/technique to be selected in specific routines. Group routines and technique classes are mandatory.

Solos, Duets & Trios
Solos, duets, and trios are completely optional. Students must be in group routines, and attend weekly technique classes to be considered for solo, duet, and trio. If your child is not attending classes due to illnesses, exhaustion, or school functions their solo may be permanently cancelled due to lack of technique, and commitment to group work. Groups have priority over all solos, duets, and trios as we are establishing our studio. Group choreography work is priority. These are extra bonuses to your dancer’s training. Please give a 24 hour notice of absence. We do understand illnesses sometimes come at short notice, but we do expect you to notify the teacher as soon as possible, and you must make up the missed time slot, which will not be deducted from tuition. There are NO DISCOUNTS on solo, duet, or trios. You cannot compete a solo the first year of competition as a novice performer. We want our performers to prepare for the annual recital performance before entering the competition stage.



Weekly Technique Classes
All competition dancers are required to take weekly technique classes, which are separate from competition rehearsals. Dancers need to give a calendar of any extra activities in advance. Any dancers with poor attendance will have one warning before action is taken to eliminate solos, duets, or trios, and possible removal from the Encore program. Remember we are a team and you’re expected to give 100%, and attend all technique classes.

Weekly Rehearsal Classes
Encore 1 & 2 will have rehearsal through the week during scheduled classes. Encore 3-6 will have scheduled weekend rehearsals for competition routines. This is the only time they will rehearse their routines so these rehearsals are mandatory. Encore 2-6 will rehearse Production on Thursdays/Saturdays. There will be no excused absences for rehearsal the week of competition unless special arrangements have been made with Mrs. Ashley. If your child is not feeling well, or injured, they are still required to attend if competing for the weekend. If your child is not in attendance for rehearsal your child will be pulled from the routine for that competition with no refund of competition fees. This is competition, not recreational, and we want all of our dancers to succeed to the best of their ability. Attendance for all rehearsals is crucial!

Weekend Rehearsals
All Encore 3-6 groups will rehearse on weekends ; date and time will be distributed with a calendar so you will know in advance of required times. It is important to attend these rehearsals. Dances are taught. If you miss rehearsal you may be removed from that section of choreography. It will not be re-taught due to wasted time of re-teaching. All dancers need to arrive ahead of time to stretch, review, and prepare to dance at the scheduled time. Continued tardiness will not be accepted. The studio is always open 1/2 hour prior to rehearsal time to stretch in the lobby.

Summer/National Rehearsals
There will be required rehearsal for Nationals after recital. All Encore 2-6 dancers will attend mandatory times scheduled. Please do not schedule vacations during the week of Nationals. You have made a commitment to Encore and the year does not conclude until after nationals and recital. All Encore dancers are required to attend.

Dance Conventions
Many dance conventions travel throughout the US and are important to a dancer’s training. They learn new styles of dance with different teaching methods that are motivating, and beneficial. Encore dancers are required to attend as a group to one convention that comes locally, or within the state. Extra conventions are optional.

Outside Master Classes & Instruction
If competition students wish to take additional master classes, or outside instruction, please get approval from Mrs. Ashley. We need to know due to rules and regulations of many dance competitions. Competition dancers may not compete under two different studio names within the same competition. No Encore dancer will be paid for compensation outside of Releve’ for dance instruction/choreography at any other dance studio, dance team, or organization. Not following the expectation could result in dismissal from Encore program, no matter the time of year.

Competition Dress Rehearsal
Releve’ will hold a dress rehearsal for all dancers competing. Dancers need to attend and bring all costumes, shoes, tights, undergarments, etc. Hair and makeup will be required at this date. The date will be posted, and usually takes place in January/February. The purpose is for Encore dancers to have performance experience, so that instructors can critique costumes and choreography.

Regional Competitions
We will attend and compete at local dance competitions throughout the year, usually February-May. Usually competitions begin Friday evenings and continue all day Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes they do begin on Thursday evenings. We require 1 regional for Encore 1. There are 3 regionals for Encore 2 – 6. We will perform all group routines. All solo, duet, and trios are optional. Solos, duets, and trios may compete at other local competitions, but must enter online or by mail, listed as Releve’ Performing Arts. We ask all dancers to arrive 1.5 hours in advance due to rehearsal before performance incase the competition is running ahead of schedule. Do not be late! They will run the routine even if you are not there. We do not receive the competition schedule until a week before, or the week of the competition. You may check online when it is close to date to see if the schedule is posted. Groups usually run approximately $34.00 each, and Solos $90.00 each. Your child is required to stay for the awards ceremony with their studio jacket on. There are no refunds for competition, sometimes they will offer credit for the next season.

Releve’ Annual Recital
All group and production routines will perform at the annual recital. Dancers are required to attend. Dress rehearsal will be the evening before the Saturday show. Recital is traditionally mid-end of June depending on when nationals are scheduled.


National Competition
We will attend one national dance competition. Nationals are local in Kansas City, or out of town, usually within driving distance. All dancers will compete at nationals. This is not optional.


Parent Meetings
Each family will be notified by email of an Encore meeting. Meetings will take place at Releve’ PA. These meetings are mandatory; communication is key so to be well informed you must attend.


Releve Warm-ups
All dancers must purchase a Releve’ warm-up jacket. This will be required for all dancers who are in Encore, no exceptions. These are to be worn at all competitions for cover-ups and awards.

The studio accepts cash, checks, and credit cards. Credit cards will be charged a 3% fee. Please be sure to check your calendar for payment due dates. All payments made for tuition, recital, costumes, competitions, etc., are non-refundable. Late payments after the 5th of each month will result in a fee of $20.00. Do not ask to hold your check until after a certain date, or the $20.00 will be included in your payment at that time.

Picture Day
A professional photographer takes all group photos, and individuals if desired, traditionally in June the week after recital. All group photos are compiled into a composite, which will be on display in the studio or online for proofing. We would love for all dancers to attend picture week. Our photographer and staff take a lot of time and money to make these moments memorable for keepsake in the studio. Please be kind and notify the staff if you do not wish to have individuals taken. This will be the only photo option for the year at Releve’.

Studio Encore Buddies
Dancers of different ages and groups will be paired with a buddy. Buddies leave small gifts, candy, or cards of encouragement for each other throughout the year. The sole purpose of this buddy system is to get to know dancers from other levels as a way of support for our studio dancers across all levels. This also gives parents a chance to meet incase you have a question/need support. If you choose for your child to not participate in this activity please let Ms. Ashley know. We don’t want any children with a buddy who isn’t participating.

Gift exchange times are listed below.
-Christmas Party
-Dance Out Regional Competition
Please do not spend over $20 per gift. Examples: A flower, box of candy, card with stickers, fingernail polish, etc

We usually order costumes the months of October/November. Costumes average $50-$80 each. To help with the total cost coming at Christmas we have given Encore members the option to make payments of $50.00 (example payment) to their Encore account each month until December to pay their costume fees. If there is money left over it can be used for competition fees, dance wear, etc. If you’d like, you can put one check into your account instead of monthly installments.