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studiopDancing is physical exercise – you participate at your own risk, and it is your responsibility to consult your physician to confirm your fitness capabilities before beginning any dance lessons. A doctor’s note may be required to begin a class if you have special physical concerns, or to return to activity after an absence from class due to injury/illness. Always make your teacher aware of any physical limitations or concerns that you may have.




In case of an emergency, it is imperative that parents make sure that the contact information we have on file is up to date.

Any “snow days” will be announced through email and on the Releve Performing Arts Facebook Page.

Whenever Grain Valley School District is closed Releve’ Performing Arts will be closed due to inclement weather.

We will be sending a few notices home with your child. Please ask and check dance bags every week to be sure you are fully informed.

In the event of notes being lost in the dance bag or misplaced at home, we will have copies available of all handouts in the lobby.

Updates, announcements, and communication can also be found on our website, sent by email, and on our Facebook page.




Please make sure small children have had a bathroom break before class as this helps eliminate the need for “emergency” bathroom breaks during class.

The parking lot and other outside areas of the studio are NOT playgrounds. We ask that parents please monitor their children when they are outside of the studio.

We strive to keep a clean and tidy dance studio, not only to create an enjoyable atmosphere for all, but also for the safety and comfort for our dancers on the floor. ABSOLUTELY NO GUM PERMITTED IN ANY OF THE DANCE ROOMS!

Excessive talking or other misbehavior will not be tolerated, and may result in the student being asked to observe class instead of participating. All students must respect the structure and teaching style of all instructors. We expect children to be well behaved and respectful during class, to fellow classmates, Releve’ staff and their teacher. Teachers will speak to parents regarding any discipline or behavioral issues.

In all group classes, you will be expected to rotate to different partners. Our experience has shown us that dancing with different partners is not only the best way learn and retain the material, but it’s also the best way to make new friends! Don’t be shy! We promise it will be fun. Care in personal hygiene is essential in any partner dancing. Please, make sure that your breath, body odor, and clothing are all pleasantly clean and fresh.

No Cell phones allowed on the dance floor. Please make sure cell phones are turned to silent/vibrate during class. If you must make a call during class you will be excused to use the studio phone in lobby.

If for any reason you need to leave the premises during a group class, please notify your teacher so we will not spend time waiting on you, or trying to locate you.





When you enroll your child in a class, you are paying us to hold a place in class for your child; therefore each student is expected to attend the entire dance season.

Regular attendance to class is MANDATORY. If your child is excessively absent, or tardy for any reason, they may not be allowed to participate in our performance.

Students should avoid missing consecutive dance classes. Teachers will not slow the pace of their class to accommodate a student who does not attend class regularly.

Every year, the dancer who attends class regularly performs the best and excels at a steady pace. One absent dancer not only hurts the progress of the individual, it also inhibits the progress of the entire class.

Students should arrive a bit early to change shoes and prepare themselves for class. All classes will start promptly at the designated time. Releve’ should be notified in advance of any absence, tardy, or early pick-up. Or if you are running late please give us a call as it is an appropriate courtesy.

If a child is to be picked up before the end of class, please inform the instructor prior to the start of class to let her know what time your child will need to leave.




Payments may be dropped off at the front desk, mailed to our studio address, or you may complete a credit card charge form at the front desk and your account will be billed monthly by the 5th of each month.
We accept cash, checks, Visa/MasterCard/ Discover/American Express, or money orders. WHEN PAYING IN CASH IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO OBTAIN A RECEIPT! In case of any discrepancies regarding cash payments, we will not be able to honor cash payments not documented by a receipt.

We charge an additional $25 in any circumstance when your bank does not honor your check. After 2 returned checks, all subsequent payments must be made in cash, by Visa/MasterCard, or money order.

Students WILL NOT be allowed to participate in conventions, competitions or the performance if the account is not current.





Payments for costumes and performance fees are ABSOLUTELY NON REFUNDABLE, for any reason. They must be paid in full or your child will not receive a costume or be allowed to participate at the event.




Please bring all personal items in a bag that closes securely. Loose items are liable to get lost or picked up accidentally by another child.

Please label all personal items with your child’s name in permanent ink to reduce the risk of losing items. If your child misplaces any belongings, please check with the front desk lost & found.

We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost items (labeled or unclaimed). DO NOT BRING VALUABLE ITEMS TO THE STUDIO.




Our staff is extremely careful and concerned when choosing the correct level class for each student. It is very important to remember that all students are individuals with very different talents, skills, and ability levels; they will not progress at the same rate. In maintaining a high quality of dance education, it is sometimes impossible to keep the same students together in class year after year. The most important thing is that the student should be comfortable in the learning environment, uninhibited. We are a progressive studio and ALL OF OUR CLASSES ARE CHALLENGING.

Just because your child class name does not change does not mean they will not learn anything new. The class names are simply a way of identifying the classes separately for business and scheduling purposes. We have many classes so it is therefore impossible to have different class names every year.

Please do not become a competitive parent and want your child in a certain class because you think it is more advanced or a harder class. Class placement is at the discretion of the director. We cannot stress enough that since every child is not equally talented, they cannot all show the same progress rate.
All teachers judgment must be respected first and foremost. It is normal for every parent to view their child as the best dancer in the class but remember the teacher is looking at your child through trained, expert eyes. If your teacher’s judgment is not respected in all areas of your child’s training, his or her dance education may be compromised.

Releve’ prides itself on having a friendly, family like atmosphere with enough strong instructors to help each dancer develop into the best he or she can and WANTS to be. From time to time, our teachers must make decisions in which certain students are chosen for solos, competition groups, special parts, or auditions. These decisions are not easily made, and are thought out carefully. The parents and teachers must work together to help students understand that not all students can be chosen for all things. We want our students to be happy and supportive of each other. It is our intention to teach the students to learn from each other, and to be motivated by one another.

At Releve’ we encourage all of our students to work hard and become the best dancers they can be, but they must work at a level that is suitable for them. Many students are easily discouraged when they are placed into classes too difficult for them.




We appreciate the opportunity to share our love of dance with your child. We are also looking forward to an exciting year for you, and your child. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time throughout the year if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s dance education. There is no doubt that with the cooperation of the staff, students, and parents, we can continue to achieve excellence in the art of dance!

Releve’ Performing Arts reserves the right to add, change or amend any of the above policies and rules.